European Roulette Explained

In any casino in the world, there is likely to be a roulette table. And in some cases multiple roulette tables. The excitement around these tables is normally electric, with people from all walks of life standing shoulder to shoulder, hoping that luck will favour them. The game is of a simple design, involving a spinning wheel that has been divided into pockets, plus a white ball which is cast into the wheel. Which pocket the ball settles in is up to chance, and players need simply place wagers on which pocket they think will be the winner. Of course, a player need not be dead right, and may choose to bet on multiple pockets to spread out risk. It said that a good roulette player has some of the highest statistical chances of avoiding going into red.

Types Of Roulette

Everyone who knows anything about roulette knows that there are variations of the game. Or at least they should know, since the differences are not only significant to the player, but also to the rate at which the house always wins, referred to as the house edge. The two most common versions of the game are known as American and European, and there is, without any doubt, one version that is far kinder to the player then the other. Why the two versions exist is not really in question, other then to say that when the game was adopted by America, the casino owners where perhaps a little greedy. The American version of the game has basically doubled the house advantage, to almost five percent, where as the European version has a house advantage of just over two percent. This may not seem like a big difference, but do some maths and you will soon realise it is an enormous difference. But how, exactly, was the house advantage increased so dramatically?

American And European Roulette

In the American version of roulette an extra pocket has been added, known as the double zero pocket. This pocket, plus the single zero pocket, represent the odds by which the house will almost always win. Why? Simply because the two zero pockets are not included in any of the broader bets offered by roulette. In the first twelve, second twelve, and third twelve betting options, the zeroes are left out, meaning that they will not be paid out unless the player specifically bets on them. That is to say, it is very unlikely anyone will be winning when these two pockets are landed. European roulette, the original version of the game, never had a double zero pocket. You may be asking yourself then, why would anyone want to play American instead of European roulette? The answer to this question is; no reason what so ever, unless there is a forced lack of options.

Online Roulette Options

Thankfully, most online casinos offer the European version of the game, sometimes as an option that must specifically be chosen. In the real world, especially in America, one may struggle to find European roulette, since real world casinos often insist on ignoring European roulette altogether. Today, however, even Americans may jump online to improve their odds on  roulette table layouts games