Indecent Proposal, a Drama With Big Name Stars

Indecent Proposal is a drama that was made in 1993, and was based on the novel by Jack Engelhard. There were some big names of the movie industry in this movie, like Robert Redford and Demi Moore. Woody Harrelson was another of the stars.

Indecent Proposal is the story of married high school sweethearts, David and Diana. David has an idea for a real estate project, but they do not have enough money to finance the project. They decide to travel to Las Vegas, in the hope of winning enough money for David’s project. Unfortunately they place all their savings on the roulette wheel, and end up gambling it all away.

The Billionaire Who Is Responsible For the Proposal

They happen to meet up with John Gage, who is a billionaire. He has a proposal for them, and offers them one million dollars if Diana will spend the night with him. David and Diana spend a night discussing this, and in the end decide to go along with Gage’s offer. A contract is signed the next day, and Gage flies Diana to his private yacht. He does give her a chance to cancel the deal and return to her husband if he loses a toss of his lucky coin. Gage calls it correctly, however, and Diana spends the night with him.

David hoped he would be able to forget the whole event, but instead he grows insecure about his relationship with his wife. He is convinced that she remains in a relationship with Gage, and his fears are intensified when Diana discovers that Gage has bought their home before it went into foreclosure, and was taken away from them. The Indecent Proposal has increased the tension building between the two, and eventually they separate.


A Divorce, But Then a Reconciliation

Gage comes back into the picture, and Diana becomes involved with him again. A relationship develops. After a descent into depression, David begins getting his life back on track. When Diana files for divorce David signs the papers and gives the whole million dollars away. Gage realises, however, that Diana will never be as happy with him as she was with David, and that she would probably rather be with David than with him. Deciding to do the right thing, Gage tells Diana that she is just one of a long line of his “million dollar girls.” Diana understands what Gage is doing, making it easy for her to leave him. She returns to the pier where David is waiting. He proposes, and they join hands and walk away together.

Roulette One of the Favourite Games at the Casino

Roulette has indeed often been the cause of a heavy loss by gamblers, as happened in Indecent Proposal. Roulette is a game of pure chance, and each spin of the wheel is totally unpredictable. Some gamblers have tried to form a system of predicting the winning spin, but nothing has been proved foolproof.

There are several forms of roulette, but as the story unfolds in Las Vegas it is probably the American version, instead of the European version of roulette that was played. American roulette has two zeros on the wheel, which does give the house an extra edge. The seductive spinning wheel is always the symbol of casinos. Indecent Proposal made money at the box office, but received very mixed reviews from all the critics.