Details about Novomatic Gaming Acquiring JVH Eploitatie and JVH Gaming Products


Novomatic Gaming is a gambling company of global proportion, and was established in 1980 by Johann Graf. Their revenue and profit margin since the company started up exceeds hundreds of millions of euros each year and, with group companies in as many as 50 different countries, Novomatic is by any calculation a global player in the world of gambling.

The ongoing trend in both the land-based and online casino industries can very safely be said to be expansion, and one of the most recent developments in this area has come from Novomatic, who announced recently that Novomatic Gaming acquires JVH Eploitatie and JVH gaming products. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austrian Gaming industry, and the acquisition of the two Dutch companies with a remarkable grip on that country’s market is a feather for Novomatic’s cap, to say the least. The recently united companies will henceforth be known as JVH, and will become part of Novomatic’s portfolio as they look forward to further growth in terms of the German AWP market.

Novomatic Establishing Further Footing in Europe

The deal that has been brokered as Novomatic Gaming acquires JVH Eploitatie and JVH gaming products seems to resemble a buyout more than a partnership, as Novomatic stands to gain much more from the agreement. JVH products are already being sent from The Netherlands over to Germany, providing a clash with those from Novomatic, but JVH Exploitatie is operational solely to serve the land-based slots machine game market in The Netherlands. The foothold that this company has established will obviously be transferred as Novomatic Gaming acquires JVH Eploitatie and JVH gaming products, and this will allow Novomatic to strengthen their position as Europe’s dominant player even further. The latest establishment of yet another auxiliary company, Novo Gaming Netherlands, gave the clearest suggestion yet that this country is very high on Novomatic’s list of main concerns, and that the takeover will fill in the necessary gaps.


German Players Welcoming News of the Deal

German players have welcomed the news that Novomatic Gaming acquires JVH Eploitatie and JVH gaming products, since Novomatic is a native of that country and the full range of JVH products will now be available in that country’s market. The excellent reputation that JVH has earned regarding the production of high-quality mobile casino Malaysia games, and the fact that a number of these titles will now be available in various German casinos and pubs thanks to the deal has players rejoicing in anticipation.

As Novomatic Gaming acquires JVH Eploitatie and JVH gaming products, players of online gambling are urged to revisit their favourite games from this casino currently available and ensure that they stay on top of the new releases and developments that will no doubt be pouring forth from this point onwards. As one of the world’s top real money casino game developers, Novomatic has already managed to form a very loyal following from players that enjoy real money games online, and this is only set to increase as their catalogue grows and even more top-quality entertainment becomes more readily available.