Rouette Pro in Detail

Roulette is an extremely popular betting game that is found in most, if not all, casinos around the world. Using the highly recognisable spinning wheel, seen in countless movies, and even often associated with the legendary James Bond, the game simply requires a player predict in which pocket a white ball will land, which is cast into the spinning wheel. The player need not predict the exact pocket, out of a possible thirty six, but can select to bet on a combination of numbers. As with all gambling games, the higher the risk taken by the player when placing a bet, the greater the payout.

What Is Roulette Pro?

Roulette Pro is, for the most part, identical to the European version of roulette. However, some intriguing extra betting options have been added, and are only available for this specific version of online roulette. If one understands European roulette, they should have no problem jumping into Roulette Pro and picking up the new betting options.

The Difference Between American and European Roulette

European and American roulette may look the same at first glance, but there are a few very important differences. American roulette has an added double zero pocket, which increases the house edge a significant amount. Plus, in European roulette if the ball lands in the zero pocket, of which there is only one in the European version, and the player has bet on even, the option is given for the player to lose half the original bet and keep the remaining amount where it stands. In a nutshell; it is much more advantageous to play European roulette as apposed to American.

Added Betting Rules Of Roulette Pro?

It should be immediately obvious to any roulette player the added circular shaped betting area at the top of the betting table. Some of these new betting options are referred to as Voisins du Zero, Tier, and Orphelins, but despite the interesting names, simply represent a bet that encompasses a combination of numbers. It can easily be determined which numbers are attributed to each new betting option, simply by looking. If wanting to bet on any of these new options, chips need simply be placed on the desired option, as with all roulette bets.

Betting Combinations

The Roulette Pro system does not aim to replace the existing betting options, but rather be used strategically in conjunction with them. Players are encouraged to use the new bets while also spreading chips around other bets, which will reduce the risk of a complete loss on a single spin. For example, a player may bet on a single lucky number, then put chips also on the first twelve, and a few more chips on Tier. In this fashion, the chances are good that at least one of the bets will payout, which may cover the initial bet and avoid the player slipping into the red. In this fashion, as long as the player keeps betting on the same lucky number, they will sooner or later start heading into the green. But there are, of course, many roulette betting strategies, and a player should experiment to find one that works for them.