Video Pokies: An Evergreen Favourite Online Game

Australians and New Zealanders have at least three things in common: intense sporting rivalry, a proud streak of independence and a love of pokies machines. Since the early 1900s, when the original mechanical three-reel and five-reel pokies were imported from the United States, they’ve remained popular.

The advent of legal gambling in Australia and New Zealand, along with the invention of video pokies, increased their appeal even more. With digital technology unrestricted by mechanical constraints, video pokies boast machines with as many as 25 paylines to give players thousands of possible winning combinations. Players can adjust the size of their bets on each payline as well as the number of paylines they play per spin, so video pokies suit high-rollers and players with more modest bankrolls alike.

Best of all, despite the relatively small bets involved, many video pokies offer progressive jackpots on specific combinations that give players a shot at a big win on every spin. For those who love the rush of the spinning reels, video pokies can provide hours of entertainment at low stakes. And playing online couldn’t be simpler.

Hundreds of Video Pokies Options Online

There are literally hundreds of casinos available online, many that cater comprehensively to video pokies fans. If you can find it in a pub or a real-life casino, you’ll find your favourite video pokies games online, too. Old-fashioned fruit machines, modern classics like Queen of the Nile and Mega Moolah, or video pokies based on your favourite movies and TV shows; whatever you fancy, you’ll find it in an online casino.

Mobile casinos are also an option in which the market is expanding every day, because players can log in for video pokies online whenever and wherever they feel like it. In fact, as long as they have an Internet connection and a laptop, tablet, smart phone or desktop, players always have instant access to their choice of video pokies.

Most online and mobile casinos will offer free spins on video pokies as part of their welcome bonus packages, so you can sample a few games to find the ones you like before you start risking your own money. Casinos also offer free spins to regular players in frequent incentive bonus packages, so players registered at a number of casinos give themselves the widest range of free-play options, while still standing the chance to scoop life-changing progressive jackpots on every spin.

Play for Free, if you Like

Not everyone enjoys gambling for real money. Many online pokies win real money enthusiasts enjoy playing simply to beat the odds, with no financial risk. They also have hundreds of free pokies games to choose from, in which bets and wins are measured only in credits, and a big jackpot translates into hours more play. Those who do want to bet real money, but need to familiarise themselves with the best strategies for playing the various “gamble” bets available on different video pokies, also find free video pokies useful for practice, before they bet on a real-money game.

Many online casinos offer both free play and real-money play, so whether they’re serious about winning or just playing for fun, Australian and New Zealand casino-game fans alike have instant access to all the video pokies they could hope for.